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Antigone is one of ancient playwright Sophocles' most famous works. A tragedy, the play Antigone was written around BC. It is the third of three plays. The set of three plays, the "Theban. Antigone hanged herself and Haemon was holding her "We did observe; and in the last part of the tomb, we saw her hanged by the neck, fastened by a noose of fine linen, and him wrapped around her, clinging to her around the waist, bewailing the destruction of his lost pride and the deeds of his father and his unhappy marriage bed.".

Antigone is a play written by ancient Athenian playwright Sophocles ( BCE - BCE).Antigone is considered a tragedy as it focuses on human suffering, features innate character flaws that doom. The answer is explained below. Explanation: Antigone is a play written by Sophocles, who is one of the three ancient Greek tragedians. Even though it is the last of three Theban plays, it is said that Sophocles had written it before he wrote the first two.

Creon is the. Answer to: What does Antigone describe as Creon's proclamation? By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework. Start studying antigone 2.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Creon is bound to ideas of good sense, simplicity, and the banal happiness of everyday life. To Creon, life is but the happiness one makes, the happiness that inheres in a grasped tool, a garden bench, a child playing at one's feet. Uninterested in playing the villain in his niece's tragedy, Creon has no desire to sentence Antigone to death. Creon grapples with his choices. At the Chorus’s urging, he goes to release Antigone and see to Polyneices’s burial.

Before he can release Antigone, Creon discovers that his wife, Antigone, and Haemon have killed themselves. In despair and fear of his own death, Creon. Answer: 2 📌📌📌 question Read the excerpt below from antigone by sophocles and answer the question that follows. creon: and so i have the throne, all royal power creon relies on to make his argument. logos pathos harmatia ethos - the answers to qaxf.xn--g1abbheefkb5l.xn--p1ai What are Antigone’s first words to the king? Why are they significant?

p. 17 How does Antigone justify ignoring the king’s orders? How does Antigone describe her “pain” on p. 18? How do the Senator’s words on p. 18 reinforce Antigone’s character? What is Creon surprised about on p. 18? What is Creon’s plan for Antigone and Ismene? Answers: 2 on a question: Which statement best describes healthy friendships?

a. a healthy friendship consists of friends that criticize one another in order to become better people. b. a healthy friendship is important to establish only with members of your clique. c. a healthy friendship consists of friends that provide support for one another and show respect for each other. d. a healthy.

Creon believes that Antigone is being foolish. He has clearly ordered that the body of Polyneices remain in the street, but Antigone has performed a pseudo-burial of the body. When he questions. In “Antigone”, both Creon and Antigone are stubborn, and this can be seen as what contributes to their failure or downfall. The play is a tragedy. This is because both Creon and Antigone face misfortunes. User: Which of the following words best describes Creon’s character in Antigone?a.

ambitious c. dignified b. stubborn d. forgiving Weegy: STUBBORN describes Creon s character in Antigone. User: In Antigone, Haimon believes that authority rests with the ____.a.

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gods c. people b. king d. traditions Weegy: In Antigone, Haimon believes that authority rests with the people.

Creon, most tellingly, calls Antigone a "bad woman" when asked about his breakup of the Antigone-Haemon engagement.

Indeed, he believes that when Antigone dies, there will be plenty of other women for Haemon to choose from, giving us an even deeper hook into his misogyny. Indeed, Creon has a precise conception of woman, and Antigone does not.

Comparisons between Antigone and Creon One book in the Greek trilogy written by Sophocles is Antigone and contains two key characters, Antigone and Creon. Antigone and Creon are incredibly similar. Antigone and Creon are extremely independent people. Creon doesn't mind acting alone without anyone's backing him. · The voyager hero creon vs antigone tragic essay spacecraft sent back down into a machin in this I am portant information while people read the section I concur with ielts listening exam extends far beyond our local universe and the extent manager provides explanations for decisions and take leaders through a vertical forc of, in.

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Which of the following quotations best expresses the theme of Antigone? a. The only crime is pride. b. the truth is always the best Which of the following words best describes Creon's character? a. ambitious. b. Stubborn.

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c. Dignified. d. forgiving. b. stubborn. Readers can sympathize with Antigone because of her Creons's tragic flaw. Creative writing lesson plans for 2nd grade; IRAN; Annotated bibliography editor websites us with antigone essay creon.

Another type of philosophical approach underlying the work and our knowledge production. What kinds of norms relating to themes arising from the library or on the basis of the time of another s writing. Creon is besieged by heartache and sees the liability in his actions. which farther illustrates Creon’s failing in comparing to the strength of Antigone.

In add-on. 1s household duty should. at times. be considered before 1s moral duty. being unable to take between the two creates much struggle.

What are some words that would describe Creon from "Antigone"?

· The conflict between Creon and Antigone is one of conflicting values and duties. Creon is trying to establish himself as king. In Creon's mind, since Antigone's brother Polynices violated the laws of the government, he does not deserve a respectful burial. Creon's pride will not allow Antigone to go unpunished; doing so would make Creon less than a man because he allowed a woman to have power over him.

— Wesley, Owl Eyes Editor Since all of Oedipus’s heirs are dead, Creon has assumed the throne as next in line to rule. Antigone: The function of the chorus in Antigone Prologue through Scen 2 is to: (a) explain Antigone's motivation to Creon. (b) try to persuade Antigone to change her mind. (c) expose the main conflict of the play. (d) provide historical background and details. Creon grows angrier, and, thinking Ismene must have helped her, summons the girl.

Ismene tries to confess falsely to the crime, wishing to die alongside her sister, but Antigone will have none of it. Creon orders that the two women be temporarily locked up.

Haemon, Creon's son and Antigone's fiance, enters to pledge allegiance to his father. He. The Creon is basically the right-hand man, king's (good or evil) advisor, chief general, The Dragon, or other somesuch person of considerable power or influence who is not himself at the pinnacle of the qaxf.xn--g1abbheefkb5l.xn--p1ai's the second-in-command.

However, unlike The Starscream, The Creon is decidedly not gunning for the first spot. Maybe he doesn't want the responsibility; maybe he's just fine where.

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· 1. witch of the following words best describes creons character in antigone a. ambitious b. stubborn c. dignified d. forgiving 2. antigone might be considered a tragic character because a. he suffers the loss of her father and brother b. she hangs herself c. her refusal to give in to creon results in her downfall d. hersituation elicits sympathy from the reader. The timeline below shows where the character Creon appears in Antigone. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.

Lines years earlier when Eteocles overthrew him. Now that both brothers have died, the brothers' uncle, Creon, is king of Thebes. The correct answer is 3. He has a patriarchal point of view. Explanation: In the excerpt presented from the Greek play "Antigone" Creon who in the play is the one that rules the city of Thebes states, he would prefer to be expelled by the men of the society than letting a woman be an equal or. Creon becomes furious, and seeing Ismene upset, thinks she must have known of Antigone's plan.

He summons her. Ismene tries to confess falsely to the crime, wishing to die alongside her sister, but Antigone will not have it. Creon orders that the two women be imprisoned. The chorus sing of the troubles of the house of Oedipus. Antigone vs Creon Words | 4 Pages.

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Task: Write an essay about the conflict between Antigone and Creon in Antigone, by Sophocles. Show how each is right in his or her own fundamental belief. Then show how the tragedy was inevitable or show how one side was wrong and should have changed.

antigone. creon made her feel belittled. Antigone said creon is a fool. Creon thinks woman arent brave and he thinks men should have authority: what attitude does creon take toward antigone? give examples that illustrate his attitude: creons very disrespectful he says that he will get bored of antigone creon says “we should at leat lose to a. Ismene Diary Of A Wimpy Sister.

Ismene is Antigone Lite. She first puts in an appearance along with her sister at the end of Oedipus the King, and both girls seem to be symbolic of the legacy of shame left by Oedipus's qaxf.xn--g1abbheefkb5l.xn--p1ai Oedipus at Colonus, Ismene shows great loyalty to her father when she alerts him to the situation with qaxf.xn--g1abbheefkb5l.xn--p1ai shows devotion once more when she returns with. Antigone on the other hand was more right than wrong. Antigone, even though she was violating the human law made by Creon was only following what she thought was right by giving her brother Polynices a proper burial.

Some have argued that Creon’s decision to punish Antigone is a right decision. He did what any good leader would do in that. 3. What does Antigone plan to do? Why? Antigone will bury Polynieces. She wants to follow the laws of the gods, which tell her to honor her dead family members. 4. Does Ismene plan to join her? Why or why not? No—Ismene is afraid of Creon. She believes that it is important to follow the king’s laws. She also thinks that women are weaker.

· Thanks Carol. I’m looking for more info on this as I’m about to fill my first 90 day supply of Creon at my “discounted” Blue Cross rate of $ Guess the good news is that I’ll hit my max out of pocket under my plan at $ This healthcare situation in this country is criminal. "Defiant" is the word among the following choices given in the question that best describes Antigone's attitude as she faces death.

The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the first option or option "A". I hope that this is the answer that has actually come to your desired help. · The Similarities Between Creon And Antigone All Categories Africa America American History Ancient Art Asia Biographies Book Reports Business Creative Writing Dance Economics English Europe History Humanities Literature Medicine Middle East Miscellaneous Music and Movies Philosophy Poetry & Poets Psychology Religion Science Shakespeare Social.

His son and Antigone’s fiance, Haemon, eventually strongly disagreed with his father’s actions and sided with Antigone. The blind prophet, Tiresias, arrived in Thebes and warned Creon that Antigone could not be imprisoned under the ground and Polynices must be buried, or a great curse would befall the city from the gods, and from all of Greece. Creon, as head of state and lawgiver in Thebes, believes in obedience to man-made qaxf.xn--g1abbheefkb5l.xn--p1ai in defying Creon's command that no one bury Polynices, Antigone appeals to a different set of guidelines—what is often called "natural law." Whether its source is in nature or in divine order, natural law states that there are standards for right and wrong that are more fundamental and universal than.

Creon then condemns both Antigone and Ismene to death. He changes his mind about Ismene, but locks Antigone away in a stone vault. Later, after the blind prophet Teiresias predicts doom, Creon decides to free Antigone, only to find that she has committed suicide.

Antigone's death leads to the suicide of Creon's son, Haemon, who was betrothed to. Creon’s guards who watched over Polyneices’ body demonstrated commitment to Creon.

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These guards adhered to Creon’s edict and enthusiastically carried out their orders and reported Antigone to Creon (Draft,p). Decision Making Style.

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Directive. Creon’s style of decision making was not behavioral, analytic or conceptual. Arrogance is a word that describes Creon's character in the play "Antigone" by ancient Greek playwright Sophocles ( B.C.E. - B.C.E.).Specifically, arrogance involves an exaggerated sense of. Creon has forgotten that the ruler is supposed to do what is best for the city and its citizens.

Creon is under the impression that he is always correct in his judgments and his beliefs. Before the sentry even explains the event that has occurred, the sentry states that he is only a messenger and has not committed the crime. The thing about terry Based on the indirect characterization in this stanza, which word best describes the narrator Asked By adminstaff @ 23/09/ AM English.

· Similarities Between Creon and Antigone. Similarities between Creon and Antigone In Sophocles’ play Antigone, Creon was engaged in a conflict with Oedipus’ daughter Antigone. Creon and Antigone did not see eye-to-eye the entire play due to extreme differences. Creon and Antigone had many similarities despite their enormous discrepancies. Antigone: the character of qaxf.xn--g1abbheefkb5l.xn--p1ai tragic figure of Antigone, who gives her to the play by Sophocles, is usually regarded as the main character at the center of the huge moral dilemmas that emerge in the qaxf.xn--g1abbheefkb5l.xn--p1ai shares this spot, however, with the almost equally tragic figure of Creon, who tries to uphold a rigid law and order but in the end only manages to provoke the deaths of those who.

Antigone presents her case during the play's prologue. She believes Creon's general order forbidding the burial of Polyneices is morally wrong and states clearly that she is 'going to bury his body' (Heaney,p5 []). It is important to note that women played a central role in the 'religious conventions of funeral rites and practices' (Hardwirck,p), and these events contrasted. Antigone written by Sophocles, speaks about the power struggle between Antigone and her Uncle Creon who is the King of Thebes.

Both characters seemed to have their own beliefs in how Antigone’s brother Polyneices should be buried. With both Creon and Antigone being strong-willed individuals, they refrain from changing their morals for anyone.

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